Visit to Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Irene and Ron Rigby of the Stampede City Model A Club hosted Henry to
the Calgary Stampede (Canada ... July 4-13, 2003).

Henry also be attended another MAFCA event - this club is hosted the
2003 MAFCA N.W. Regional Meet in Calgary (July 15th through the 19th, 2003).


Dear Henry "A", ... June 26th, 2003
I hope that you are using your good manners with Ron and family.
He did inform me that you had a "small" accident going through customs. You are always so nervous during those inspections. I do
hope I packed enough  clean underwear and that you are doing
your own laundry as I taught you.
The weather is very warm here so Edsel seems to prefer only
a diaper. He is beginning to crawl and gets underfoot easily.
He has changed a lot since you left and sends kisses.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the Stampede  but do
watch out for the horses!
Love,  your faithful wife, Clara


Dear Clara, ... June 27th, 2003
I'm sorry I haven't written before now but I've just been so busy.  As you can see from picture #003, I've had the opportunity to meet the 2003 Meet Committee members and even chair one of their meetings. 
030627-Calgary-P1010001.jpg (88872 bytes) 030627-Calgary-P1010002.jpg (90881 bytes) 030627-Calgary-P1010003.jpg (72218 bytes)
One motion we passed at the meeting was that I should help a young lady named Marzie B'ar get her Model A ready for the big Meet.  Of course as a guest I couldn't very well say no, so the other two pictures show me trying to explain the niceties of the Model A choke to her.  Honestly Clara, this girl is such a slow learner that this assignment may take me days to accomplish, but at least it will give me something interesting to do until we visit the big Stampede when the time comes.
Please say Hi to Edsel and everyone else there in Bakersfield for me!  Love, Henry. 
p.s.  Marzie also says hi and was kind enough to give me a hug to pass on to you!


Yahoo Clara,
Yahoo yet - - I guess I'm acquiring the local accent!  I'm sorry I haven't written for more than a week but I've just been so-ooo busy!
It all started when these nice folks from the Stampede City Club asked if I'd like to ride in the Stampede Parade with them.
Stampede-Pre-parade-01.jpg (108453 bytes) Stampede-Pre-parade-02.jpg (111797 bytes)
As you can see from the pre-parade pictures I helped polish that Roadster 'till my arms ached - - but we had a great time and some of the folks also say they will also give me copies of a picture or two they took of us along the parade route when they get them developed.  
It took me a few days to recuperate from all the Parade hoopla but then it was time to visit the Stampede grounds - - and I'll tell you that was a busy place.  I believe it when they say they get a million visitors a year!  Anyway, besides all the exhibits, the rides and the rodeo what really caught my attention were the Chuckwagon races - - and then we went out back where nobody else ever gets to go and visited the barns area, the horses and the Chuckwagon drivers.
I took a picture of the grandstand from the barns area because it looks different from that side and then we went looking for the Glass house.  I was surprised when it turned out to be the trailer where the famous Glass family stay during the Stampede and then while I was there I helped clean the poop and the mud from the race off of their wagon.
Stampede-To the Stampede.jpg (101879 bytes) Stampede-The Glass House.jpg (56257 bytes) Stampede-Cleaning up!.jpg (100162 bytes)
Then I had a close call!  I was just standing there letting that horse's tail fan me a bit after cleaning the wagon when lordy, lordy - - I was lucky I wasn't at the zoo because if it had been an elephant I'd have never dug my way out of there!
Stampede-A Close Call!.jpg (129043 bytes) Stampede-Weak Stomach!.jpg (105168 bytes)
 I forgot you had told me to watch out for the horses and I'm here to tell you that with my weak stomach I had to hang my head over the rail for awhile after that. 
After visiting the Glass folks I also met Tyler Helmig who is another genuine cowboy and chuckwagon driver and he was good enough to give me one of his chuckwagon pins.
Stampede-WithTyler   Helmig.jpg (62238 bytes) Stampede-With the Mounted Police.jpg (83308 bytes)
The next thing I knew these two Mounted Police nabbed me because they said the barns area is restricted to farm animals and I'm classed as wildlife and for sure I thought I was headed for the crowbar hotel!  It all turned out OK though as instead of jail they dropped me off at the Teddy Bear's Haven which is where all the local bears go to recuperate when they've had enough Stampeding for the day!
Stampede-Teddy Bears Haven.jpg (108757 bytes)
That's me on the left with the white hat on.
Anyway, enough for now!  Next week is the big NW Regional Meet and a lot of my old friends from throughout the west will be here.  I guess I had better see if Marzie B'ar has a honey pot I can recuperate with - - or maybe some Mead.  I heard Mead is a honey of a drink but I wouldn't know about that - - yet! 
Don't forget to say Hi to Edsel and everyone else there in Bakersfield for me!  Love, Henry.

Dear Henry, 

Edsel and I have been reading all about your trip on the innernet. Henry I don't want to hag but please mind your manners and stay out of trouble. I saw the mounted police had you in custody when you ventured into a restricted area. I'm not sure we can afford the bail $.

As it has been very warm here (100F) Edsel and I travelled to the beach for a few days. Although he is still young he did create quite a discussion when he ran "bear" into the ocean. We have ventured back home. Edsel is presently up a tree disturbing a bee hive. Write when you can and try the maple syrup!
Clara and Edsel


Dear Clara,
By the time you read this I will have said my good-byes at the big send-off tent (see my pictures)
Good-bye Time!.jpg (80228 bytes)
and expect to be almost half-way home - - although traveling via the Canada and USA snail mail system could take twice as long as expected!  (I will pack a snack.)
Anyway, I had a good time at the Calgary get-together especially during the Grand Tour to the Drumheller Valley and Canada's National Museum of Paleontology.  The weather and the museum were great and I only had one close call during which I had to jump on one fast moving Dinosaur to 'bear'ly escaped a hungrier one looking for a bear- burger.
We Arrive at the Museum.jpg (98935 bytes) A Lucky Escape!.jpg (71144 bytes)
(I have included some pictures including one of my escape!)
A Lunch Stop with Children.jpg (116712 bytes) Departing for the Badlands.jpg (93569 bytes) Relaxing on the AA Display.jpg (83699 bytes) The Welcome Sign is Out!.jpg (73520 bytes) Waiting for the Ferry.jpg (60971 bytes) 
Bye for now and I'll see you soon.  Henry!  XXX

Img_8681.jpg (171436 bytes)
Clara and Edsel welcome their Calgary-cowboy home ... note the Maple-leaf on Henry's hat.

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