The "Chicken" is awarded to a
non-operable car during a Club-event  - even
if repaired and continuing in the event.


The Chicken-Award is worn/displayed
until awarded to another vehicle.

Stan Nicks has the chicken 8-2016

he wants to pass it on.............................


I found the all… And boy do I have a list for the summer!

It didn't take long before Jim was crawling baak, baak,  baak. The chicken rode with the Berry's for a while before it found Linda with an empty gas tank. From Linda he moved in with Candy and the Bandit. A few days there and then on to Andy for a quick visit. Crowing and strutting next-door for a pit stop at Ken's. Then he moved back to Andy. Finally, coming to roost with Stan. I think Stan will be feeding him for awhile but you never know… Santa Maria is just over the hill and down the road. Then, there are many driving fall adventures ahead.

An engine problem going to Frazier Park on October 10, 2010 brought the Chicken to Jean and Bob Gleim. 

This little contraption was sufficient to warrant giving the Chicken to our Prez Eddie Pruett on the recent (Feb 2009) Presidents Tour!!! 

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