I started off my adventure in Denver by attending the Ladies Tea at the "Molly Brown" house.  It is a beautiful Victorian mansion located in downtown Denver, and was once occupied by the infamous "unsinkable" Molly Brown.  (of Titanic fame)

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Unfortunately cameras aren't allowed inside.

 The home is furnished with a lot of the original furnishings (thanks to the Denver Historic Society)   We found out on the tour that Molly Brown's name wasn't really Molly, but Maggie (short for Margaret), but Hollywood, didn't like the sound of Maggie when they made the movie, so they changed it to Molly.  Needless to say I was a hit with all the ladies.  We had tea following the tour and I was passed around from lap to lap!!!!!!

Henry went on the Antonito Train trip with us.  His mentor for the weekend was Hannah, age 4.  She was excited to be "in-charge" of Henry.  Our trip was an all day trip to get to Antonito.
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  The next day we rode The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad to Chama, NM.  Hannah lost her toy horse over the side of the train, but thank goodness, we didn't lose Henry.
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 It was a beautiful and very scenic ride. 

On Sunday, we then traveled to Alamosa to the Alligator Farm.
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 Henry posed perfectly and very bravely with the Alligator, while being held by Hannah and Camie.

Henry enjoyed his train ride and Alligator trip.

We capped off my stay by taking a fall colors tour and "punkin" hunt.  It was great fun.  We had a leisurely drive through the country, enjoying the colors along the Platte River, and seeing many farms in the process.  We stopped at one farm to find the "perfect punkin"I had too much fun sitting in the wheelbarrows full of pumpkins and the hay wagons filled with pumpkins looking at beautiful Model A's.

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We ended the tour by stopping at the Brighton Recreation center, where some of the club members had prepared "hobo stew" for all of us.  It was most appreciated, ad it was pretty chilly that day.  The club asked me to stay a few extra days to go to the general meeting to meet all the members and help judge the "punkin carving contest".

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What fun I had while there.  The Model A Ford Club of Colorado is a very active club, and sports 257 families as members.

It was a great trip and I visited with "Henry Bear" that lives in Denver.

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