Ford passenger vehicles and small trucks built in 
1928, 1929 1930 and 1931 are referred to as Model "A" Fords;
the larger trucks of these years are "AA" (double-A) Fords.

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The Model "A" Ford Club of America's (MAFCA)
oldest chapter  - the Bakersfield Chapter - 
was formed in 1957 when six people met to
discover. explore and experience "Henry's Lady."
Since then we have grown to over 120 members and
our ages range from a few days old to over 80-years.
Our active members include founding members
and high school students restoring their own "A's."
We are proud of our history and look forward to
our youth's continuing enjoyment of these vehicles
and their distinguished heritage.

Active with monthly meetings, tours,  parades and other events,
the Bakersfield Chapter is committed to supporting our
community through active participation in a variety of activities.

Among our proudest achievements, the club was instrumental
in obtaining and restoring a 1930's gas station.

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This station is now on display at the Kern County Museum

Committed to the preservation and restoration
of one of America's great automobiles,
the club looks forward as we help to bring a small bit
of history to the citizens of the new millennium.

Please join us.

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